The Doctor and Rose alone in the TARDIS




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“You, in a pinch?” chuckled Rose. “Can’t imagine that.”

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She smiled as well, lowering her head and looking at herself in the reflective surface of the toaster, gently playing with her cheeks, looking at her teeth, her oddly colored eyes and hair. “You do…?” she asked after a moment. “I thought you’d be upset… to be honest.” she shrugged slightly. “Eleventh dimensional matrix, if I wasn’t careful I could have destroyed myself and everything else…” she yearned for his approval. But she knew what she’d done was selfish and reckless.

He just shook his head, walking over and smiling, picking up another piece of tech on his way over to her. “You are more careful about getting things right than I am, and its quite too late for me to change it now. So, why not just enjoy what is, and let what has happened go?” He asked, leaning down to kiss the top of her head and pick up a bit of wiring at the same time. ”I don’t know how much more we will find in here.” He said, giving the room a glance.  

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themasterslittlebrother said: "Who else is there?" he ask looking at him and getting up.

"Any life-form with the ability of telepathy probably could, but they have to be particularly skilled." He said, figuring the information might be some use. James didn’t seem like he was nearly as bad as the Master, though he knew it wasn’t Master’s fault.


themasterslittlebrother said: "There isn't much that I care to keep of my mind" he says

"If you want someone else to try, fine, but I think it is too dangerous." He said, standing. "But you seem alright. I’m glad I could help."

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